How Fidelity Finance Group can help you?

Take a step towards building a secure future with customised solutions for your ambitions.


Are you in a temporary cash-flow squeeze or planning your grand vision? Not all funding is the same. Get the right funding for your immediate needs without sacrificing your long term growth plans. Call us now and we’ll work with you to get you what you need for today and position you for the future.

Revenue Based Financing

We fund you on your future receivables. Simple and very quick. No collateral needed. We can fund you as fast as next business day.

Business Loans

Traditional loans for near and long term financing. A bigger picture is needed so time to fund is greater, the benefit is better terms.

SBA Loans

We can deliver both the express and traditional loans. Express loans are capped at $350,000 while the traditional has no dollar cap. Expect a four-week underwriting timeline for the Express and longer for the traditional program.

Line of Credit

You are in control – borrow only what you need when you decide. Only pay for what you borrow.  Weekly and monthly payment programs. Give us three business days and you are funded.

Invoice Factoring

Some enterprise organizations expect you to carry their debt and sometimes businesses take terms to get the deal done. If you have money due now and in the near term we can help you get paid quickly.

Equipment Financing

Why not use the asset value as collateral? This is a common loan and we can get you funded within days. If you are thinking about new equipment this is the way to go.

Purchase Order Financing

You’ve made the sale but need funds to deliver. Call us and we’ll help you cover the gap.